Towards an exceptional tax on the richest in Spain?

Government Spanish wants to establish a tax temporary and exceptional for the richest 1% of the population, in order to finance the measures put in place to mitigate the impact of the rebound in‘inflation, announced on Thursday, September 22, the Budget Minister. It is important that “we can finance the aid” put in place to support “the middle class and the workers”, who are “those who proportionally contribute the most to the financing of public services”, declared María Jesús Montero on the television network The Sixth of television.

For this reason, the Government “works” on the implementation of an “exceptional” tax, in the model of the one announced for the country’s large energy and banking groups, in order to increase the “contribution” of the “great fortunes” to the budget, he continued. According to Montero, this tax should come into force next year for a period of “two years” and affect “a population that does not exceed 1% of citizens” the richest.

“When we talk about rich people, we are talking about millionaire people,” he insisted. On the other hand, the minister did not specify what form this exceptional tax would take, nor the amount of revenue expected by the Executive. This announcement comes in the midst of a tax battle between the government of the socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the Popular Party (PP, conservative right), the main opposition party, which has announced tax cuts in several regions (… )

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