UC Berkeley Inclusive Data Curriculum Inspires Students in 30 Countries with the Power of Data and Analytics Using Pyramid’s Business Intelligence Platform

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics Step Into Data program at the Alliance for Inclusive AI at the Haas School of Business supports entry into data and analytics careers and professional growth

LONDON, NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, Israel, September 26, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–A 4-year public/private partnership between Gauthier-Vasseurprogram director at Fisher Center for Business Analysis from the University of California at Berkeley, and Pyramid Analysis (Pyramid), a pioneer in business intelligence platforms, today celebrated reaching the milestone of 2,000 apprentices trained in 30 countries. Fisher Center’s Alliance for Inclusive AI (AIAI) program offers data and analytics workshops with the goal of improving the inclusivity and accessibility of analytics. The Step Into Data program uses a combination of in-person and distance learning to reach people who are underrepresented in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data analytics. The program will soon expand to the Netherlands, France, Georgia, India, and new locations in the United States.

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“Pyramid Analytics is a pleasure to work with… They are a company genuinely committed to improving access and opportunity in data analytics, investing in these classes for students around the world. I am constantly amazed at the capabilities of the Pyramid platform. It is a true game changer for our industry, providing an intuitive and engaging platform to put the power of analytics in the hands of everyone, and I look forward to many more years of partnership together.” Gauthier Vasseur, Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business and Co-Chair of AIAI (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key points :

  • Pyramid Analytics supports program director Gauthier Vasseur’s 15-hour Step Into Data workshops through the Fisher Center’s Alliance for Inclusive Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) initiative and Smart Data Academy.

  • the Pyramid Business Intelligence Platform it is at the heart of the curriculum.

  • Pyramid Analytics provides free licenses to program participants.

  • AIAI provides opportunities for women, minorities, and others in underserved communities by providing access to data literacy training and education.

  • Mr. Vasseur has extensive experience in data, having worked for ten years in Silicon Valley for technology companies such as Brio, Google, Hyperion, Oracle, and various startups in this field.

For more than a decade, Mr. Vasseur has worked with business teams and students around the world to help them master data and analytics. He is a trusted voice at the University of California, Berkeley for data analytics, building links with universities, professional associations, and Fortune 500 companies. As part of AIAI, Mr. Vasseur is an advocate for efforts to create a more inclusive for business. analytics, helping to connect the benefits of technology with underserved communities around the world.

The Step Into Data workshop provides hands-on experience with Pyramid’s business intelligence platform. AIAI programs often include students who have reached a plateau in their knowledge of Excel or basic business intelligence tools and want to learn more. They are guided through the rapid process of data preparation and analysis on the self-service platform managed by Pyramid. Students who participate in these workshops can find problems at school or work and devise solution strategies using Pyramid. Even when the programs end, participants can continue to learn and hone their data science skills, accessing them through the dedicated Pyramid server at the University of California, Berkeley.

Students receive many benefits from UC Berkeley-Pyramid workshops, including developing valuable analytical skills that often provide opportunities for career advancement. Feedback from students who have participated in the program has been consistently positive, with many reporting that they now have the skills to use decision intelligence to solve problems and effect positive change. Diversity of data and analytics enriches all aspects of the data value chain, providing different perspectives for problem solving and decision making across the enterprise.

Business intelligence is the next big data analytics innovation

artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly important analytics technology. But, to date, AI is reserved for highly skilled professionals and, until now, there has been no easy way to integrate the essential AI components of the data preparationof’Business analysis and of the data science. Pyramid’s solutions meet this need: its business intelligence solutions go beyond traditional business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau. Pyramid’s platform lowers the level of skills required by automating the highly technical work required to prepare and analyze data, as well as create and share reports and dashboards.

In particular, Pyramid’s business intelligence platform provides data-driven insights so everyone can make faster, smarter decisions. Pyramid’s platform provides instant access to any data, provides automated governed self-service to anyone, and meets any analytics need, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. By uniquely combining data preparation, business analytics, and data science with AI-powered consulting in a single environment, Pyramid’s platform reduces cost and complexity while accelerating the growth and deployment of the enterprise. innovation. This enables an organization-wide strategic approach to business intelligence and business analytics..


Omri KohlCEO and co-founder of Pyramid Analytics said: “The benefits of technology should be available to everyone. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is a revolutionary and essential field in today’s economy, one that shouldn’t require a data science background to make the most of it. At Pyramid, we’re opening the door for as many people as possible to make faster, smarter decisions with data. I am honored to partner with Gauthier Vasseur, Program Director, in this effort. He is a driving force for good in our industry, helping people and businesses make the world a better place through data. »

Gauthier Vasseur, executive director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and co-chair of AIAI, said: “The data is not important. The important thing is what you do with it. Used in the right way, they have the power to change the world, helping to rethink new solutions to the biggest problems we face today. The technology is there. The problem is much deeper: an economy where people of all ages and backgrounds lack the ability to use data due to a lack of skills.

“I am passionate about using my platform to discover and share data analytics, empowering people to make faster, more informed decisions with data. At the core of this work is the creation of a more diverse and equitable business analytics field. DEI is not just something we should do eventually, it is imperative. The data analysis chain is still too dominated by the same social groups, with the same limited perspectives when it comes to reading an algorithm or an analysis. Diversity of thought brings with it new ideas, skills and approaches, leading to innovative new ways of doing things across the company.

“It is a pleasure to work with Pyramid Analytics on this initiative. This is a company that is really focused on improving access and opportunity in data analysis, investing in these classes for students from all over the world. I am constantly amazed at the capabilities of the Pyramid platform. It is truly a game changer for our industry, providing an intuitive and engaging platform to put the power of analytics in everyone’s hands. I look forward to many more years of association together. »

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid is the future of analytics. Our unified business intelligence platform provides insights that empower everyone to make faster, better-informed decisions. It provides direct access to any data, provides governed self-service to anyone, and satisfies any analytics need in a no-code environment. Pyramid’s business intelligence platform uniquely combines the data preparation, business analysis and data science in a single environment with AI-driven guidance, reducing costs and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. Pyramid’s platform enables an organization-wide strategic approach to business intelligence and business analytics, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Schedule a demo.

Pyramid Analytics is registered in Amsterdam and has regional headquarters in international centers of innovation and business, including London, New York and Tel Aviv. Our team members reside around the world, because geography shouldn’t be a barrier to talent and opportunity. Investors include HIG Growth Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), capital of the redwoods Y viola growth. For more information, see Pyramid Analysis.

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