Unfaithful Jacques Chirac: who is Jacqueline, the woman with whom he lived “an almost perfect idyll”?

At the end of 1974, Jacques Chirac he is an ambitious prime minister. Former Minister of the Interior, he seriously carries out his functions under the presidency of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and aspires to one thing only: the presidency of the Republic, which he will end up obtaining in 1995. A worker, he is quite popular with the public who loves this 43-year-old who is modernizing political life.

In his private life, married to his wife Bernadette and father of two teenagers (Laurence and Claude), he seems just as serious. But under the veneer of this perfect politician, there is actually a man willing to succumb to the charm of a beautiful woman… and that is exactly what will end up happening at the end of 1974. Young and pretty, Jacqueline Chabridon is appointed by the editor-in-chief of the Figaro follow Jacques Chirac in his actions and travels.

find it too”cocky and cheesy as can be“, she goes there reluctantly. But immediately, the magic happens : when she wants to taste it, she challenges her to eat”one of the veal heads lined up on the sideboard“says Jean Garrigues in his book An erotic history of the Elysee: from the Pompadour to the paparazzi. Girl, “Happy life“, run and Jacques Chirac is under the spell. Going out of her way to see her again, he will start an affair with her for the next few weeks.

Famous as a seducer throughout his life, Jacques Chirac had this time a real crush on this young lady”for whom I almost left everything, according to journalists Laureline Dupont and Pauline de Saint-Rémy. “It affected his political life, at a crucial moment“, they reveal. It must be said that the man is climbing the rungs of the ranks at the head of the State and that his affair is less and less secret.

Many people knew at the time“, emphasizes Laureline Dupont, one of the two authors.”The subject is discussed at Parisian dinners“, especially since the young woman is clearly left-handed and is being snubbed by her friends. Bernadette Chirac, in private, does everything she can to separate them… which will finally happen: in the summer of 1976, Jacques Chirac secretly empties the apartment where her lover lived and who was nicknamed the Prime Minister’s “boyfriend.” The story ends abruptly.

Many witnesses told us that Chirac […] I needed to have my heart and hands free“, the two journalists conclude”.Because he had a carnal and warm relationship with the voters. Our theory is thathe was outdone by his ambition, rather than by those around him“. A great journalist, Jacqueline Chabridon became editor-in-chief of RMC, before taking a well-deserved retirement. Today, at 75, she lives in secrecy… and that suits her very well!

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