Vendée: loses €1,000 and is considered a victim of fraud with the Carrefour Banque Pass card

Alice Brandi, a long-time Carrefour customer, was the victim of Pass card fraud.
Alice Brandi, a long-time Carrefour customer, claims to be a victim of Pass card fraud. But Carrefour does not officially acknowledge the fraud. ©El Diario del País Yonnais

Alice has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years.

This store Crossinga Saint-Andre-d’Ornay, she goes there every week to do her shopping. “Around 60 euros a month, just for me,” explains the young woman, an accountant at an association in La Roche-sur-Yon.

€1,000 withdrawn from your account

But on May 2, 2022, last spring, Alice notices a debit of €1,000 – €934.55 precisely – when examining her bank statement.

I immediately alerted my bank that it was probably a fraud and met with my bank advisor at Carrefour bank.

Alice, customer of the Carrefour store in La Roche-sur-Yon

“He confirmed to me that it was an identified fraud, coming from a hamburger company in Germany.”

A Pass card frauda map provided by carrefour bankwhich serves as credit card to pay in installments and loyalty card.

Alice used to use it to pay for her purchases at the store checkout or to pay for her “driving” In Internet.

She returns her Pass card

Extremely upset, the customer returns her Pass card to her advisor.

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“He returned the card to me, they gave me a claim number. I started the procedure, but my file was not accepted. »

A point confirmed by an interlocutor at the Carrefour bank, in the “transaction dispute” service.

Carrefour bank refutes fraud

For cause, the firm address does not recognize this transaction as a fraud.

In an official email, Carrefour responds to our requests in these terms: “After the questioning of this Carrefour bank client denouncing a fraudulent purchase with her Pass card, we initiated an internal control. It turns out that this transaction was successful. This transaction was subject to strong authentication. For a purchase of this type, it is essential to validate the transaction by connecting to your banking space, entering your username, password and a one-time security code that is transmitted by SMS. Therefore, it is impossible for the client to have been a victim of fraud to the extent that this information (identifier and codes) is necessary. Therefore, his responsibility is engaged. »

Clearly, carrefour bank confirms to the customer that he has used the safe pass – the reinforced control procedure – to carry out this purchase and refute fraud.

Since May, Alice has been fighting for compensation.

I didn’t use my Securipass for this purchase, question. €1,000 is a lot for me. This represents a year of grocery shopping.

Alicia, Carrefour customer

But for the Carrefour bank, it is not about repaying the sum.

no complaint no card number

We suggest you file a complaint. Alice complies. But there again, she is again faced with a refusal:

“To report I need my Pass card number and since I terminated my contract I no longer have it. At the Carrefour bank, no one is able to find this number! »

In short, it is the snake that bites its tail: to aspire to reimbursement you have to file a complaint and to file a complaint you need the card number. Even the victim’s request for legal protection was unsuccessful.

La Yonnaise is not the only one who complains about this type of misadventure with her swipe card.

Throughout France, customers report, in particular on online forums, fraud of this kind on their bank account.

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