Viewers exasperated by Mercotte’s request in The Best Pastry Chef (M6)

This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the eleventh season of best pastry chef continued at 21:10, on M6. Thirteen candidates were still competing at the start of this third episode. The theme of the evening: The thousand and one nights. Or rather, the thousand and one cakes!

After Cyril Lignac’s test, which was in the gazelle’s horn, during which the competitors had two hours to revisit the famous oriental pastry shop, Mercotte gave them a great challenge: to create “a tower of Scheherazade’s palace”. It is a monumental cake, crowned by a delicate dome of chocolate in gold powder, which culminates at 35 cm in height.

A particularly difficult test, which was not successful for almost all the candidates, and which provoked the reaction of many viewers on Twitter: “Like every year, I am dismayed by the astronomical amounts of food wasted for the Mercotte test”Not only did they have a hard time making this cake, it’s not pretty, some are not good and it’s going to go away or later… in the trash! Thank you mercotte for this waste”As much as the other events, I guess everyone eats it, but this Mercotte event is just a waste.”

Another troublesome point for netizens: they suspect that the cake that serves as a model is not really prepared by Mercotte…”Mercotte, who does not make the cakes herself, allows herself to insist “you just have to read the recipe well”.borders on imposture!”Mercotte is a sadist. He doesn’t even make the cakes that bear his name. And most of which end up in the trash. A sequence that should disappear”

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