Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey, “Not Joy”

Even if Vincent Cassel is madly in love with Tina Kunakey, he still wouldn’t have drawn a line under Monica Bellucci, the mother of his eldest daughters. She will do anything for her.

It was in 2018 that the 55-year-old actor married Tina Kunakey, whose mother is of Italian origin. A year later the couple welcomes her first child, Amazonia.
However, Vincent Cassel will remain attached to Monica Bellucci for life. His shadow would sometimes be very heavy.

“If she needed me, I would join her at the end of the world. The worst thing is to hurt yourself when you no longer love yourself. For revenge, for example, “said the actor about it.

His ex, who took the initiative to start their relationship after 14 years together, had not yet accused Tina Kunakey after the start of her relationship with Vincent Cassel.

He focused on their age difference of around 30 years.
“You see me with a 20-year-old boy, even very handsome. I would look at him like a son. You have to differentiate momentum and how you handle it,” he said.
If Paris Confidences magazine ensures that they do not get along, a happier version was delivered by Here magazine.
The confidences of a close source have been collected. Everything is for the best.
“Everything is fine between them, they even like each other a lot,” said someone close to the clan. And on the children’s side, the big girls take care of the little one, it’s very happy.”
Monica Bellucci is officially single since the end of his story Nicolas Lefebvre, a contemporary artist.

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