“We apologize for being too stupid”, Monconduit’s great anger against the Minister of Sports

Saint-Etienne midfielder Thomas Monconduit sent a strong tackle to Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who nevertheless defended, perhaps clumsily? – the football players.

While speaking to defend soccer players from the mandates of a society that wants them to be a little more critical of the World Cup in Qatar, Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra finally drew the ire of some of them. “

“Footballers are not politicians, the minister argued in France Inter on Sunday night. They are not officials of the Quai d’Orsay either. They are there to play. Raise your level of awareness by having elements of information about the context in which they will play “. evolving seems desirable to me, because we cannot appeal to discernment and maturity in other situations and not inform them, contribute to their openness to these issues but without demanding too much of them, it is not their job, nor their profession, nor their responsibility.”

Support from François Ruffin in 2017

The speech, considered derogatory, did not please Thomas Monconduit at all, who took the liberty to reply: “We apologize for being too stupid… Basically, ‘hit the ball and shut your mouth’. He “It is obvious that with this type of mentality we will not advance! We are asking them to make the right decisions for the future of our planet and they are not lucky enough to do so… thanks politicians.”

The Saint-Etienne defensive midfielder, whose grandmother was a Communist Party militant for 26 years, is a UFO in the world of football. The Drancy player vindicates his political commitment and his ideas. Thomas Monconduit had joined François Ruffin’s support committee during the 2017 legislative elections, following President Emmanuel Macron’s first election.

In November 2021, he confided in RMC Sport his dismay at the impotence of public policies: “I have lost confidence in our policies because they are speeches but there is no action,” he confided a little disappointed. In support of the yellow vests, he had not completely ruled out the possibility of returning to politics, only if one day “a candidate acts instead of talking.”

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