“We are not insensitive to what happens around the field”

Captain of the France team against Denmark on Sunday night, Raphaël Varane spoke about non-sports news at a press conference. Specifically the one that concerns Paul Pogba, who does not leave Blues indifferent.

“It’s an important match, do you want to send a message before your World Cup head-to-head against Denmark?
There is good energy in the group. We had a good match. morning (Sunday), it is above all a preparation for us. It is especially important to have a good mood. It should contribute to getting to know each other better, to evolve together, to have automatisms, it is really fundamental for us.

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Are you still thinking about relegation to Ligue B?
I’m not going to tell you things I don’t want to say. For me the goal is to prepare. We always want to win, of course. A big deadline is coming up soon and we won’t have any friendlies. Every moment we spend together, every minute on the pitch is important.

beyond the result against Austria (2-0)Did you enjoy giving this image away to the French?
It is important to have this enthusiasm before a big competition. Football has the power to make people smile. We will have to maintain this state of mind, this solidarity and this collective strength. It is fundamental in a great competition and the best way to prepare is to create this force.

“As a player, we inherited a situation (the Qatar election) taken 12 years ago. We are following what is happening.”

We meet Raphaël Varane from Madrid. How did you get back to this level?
I had a full preseason, I was able to work physically. I feel good and it shows on the pitch. We had to fight to express ourselves on the pitch at the start of the season and rise to the challenge. It will have to continue in time.

The Federation spoke out this morning on the fears related to the rights of workers in Qatar, what do you think?
It is already very good to ask the question. This is a delicate and serious subject. We listen to what is said. As a player, you inherit a situation with a decision made 12 years ago. We follow what is happening. Each one in his place, each one his role. The Federation communicated about it. The media also have a role in human rights, discrimination… These are serious issues. Putting on the bracelet is also a strong symbol. The Federation was clear on the issue.

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Non-sports news dominate the debates, do you talk, among yourselves, about the Pogba affair?
We try to be focused on the field. This is what should come first for us. Now, we are not insensitive to what happens around us, especially when it comes to people we know. We feel worried in a certain way. Internally, things are going very well, even if there is a bit of noise around the France national team and French football. We are focused on our goal and want to be as professional as possible. »

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