We tried Oqee on the Freebox mini 4K and it’s a flop

We tried Oqee on the Freebox mini 4K and it's a flop

The arrival of Chromecast on the iPhone prompted us to try and see if Oqee’s cast would allow content cast on mobile to be accessed directly on the Freebox mini 4K.

A little disappointment. Recently, Chromecast functionality has been activated on iPhones in addition to Android smartphones for Oqee and Univers Freebox. So you wondered: is this the opportunity to discover the TV interface on Freebox mini 4K? Running on Android TV and compatible with Chromecast, the question arose.

So we connected our smartphones (one with Android and one with iOS) and our Freebox mini 4K to the same network and went to the Oqee mobile app, where a Chromecast icon appears. By pressing the icon indicated on the home screen, we see our player appear. Just click on it and the TV screen will come to life and display an encouraging: “ready to launch“.

In the logic of things, it is enough to click on a particular program so that it is broadcast directly on our screen. Once done, an upload is launched and the app offers program management from your phone.

Mission accomplished ? Unfortunately, the joy is short-lived: the program may start for a few seconds, but a sudden interruption systematically occurs, sometimes even before the program starts. A concern that is also repeated in repeat programs and when trying to broadcast directly from the movie or series that is being watched. Thus, it is impossible to properly enjoy the program on your 4K mini.

The problem is still quite minor as you still have access to all your shows directly from Freebox TV. But don’t expect to simply continue a program started with your phone on your Freebox with a single tap on your phone. This does not work.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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