What can we expect in Corsica this fall?

Will autumn see such violent weather phenomena as Corsica has? known this summer ? The storm of August 18 marked the island with its extreme violence. However, today there is nothing to confirm that these new and dramatic events can happen again.
“What we do know is that the Mediterranean Sea is warmer than usual, explains Jean-Marc malfitanMétéo France meteorologist in Ajaccio. Therefore, there is a higher energy potential raised, but it is only one element among others that plays in the arrival of more violent events.

Therefore, time is not in thepanic, but to the explanation. Since May, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea has been well above seasonal norms at the surface, as well as in the deeper layers. During this summer, the temperature was 4 to 5 degrees higher than normal and around 30 °C near Corsica. This warming that hits the Mediterranean basin favors the rise of theair.

Usually as soon as the air temperature to updatewarm, moist air rises into the atmosphere. That is why stormy episodes with heavy accumulations of rain usually occur in October. These phenomena could then be accentuated by the confrontation between the upwellings of hot air coming from the sea and the cold air of the height.But Jean-Marc malfitan reminds you: “That doesn’t mean there will necessarily be, these episodes continue to depend on the weather and atmospheric conditions.”

What the forecaster can reveal, on the other hand, are trends planned until November in the area of ​​Corsica. “There is a 50% chance that temperatures will be higher than normalreveals. 30% whatif they are habitual and 20% that are fresher.”

As for rainfall, the information from Météo France does not reveal anythingunnatural. Precipitation is likely to be as expected. whatPresentr a drier or wetter climate.

At the moment, the forecasts are therefore classic and no specific scenario is outlined for this fall.

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