What is broken heart syndrome and what are its symptoms?

says Pre Mounier-Véhier. This acute stress situation activates the sympathetic nervous system, triggering the production of stress hormones, catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine). Suddenly, the heart races, blood pressure rises.

the patient feels a vice pain in the rib cage, which moves in the arm. “it can go to vagal discomfort and loss of consciousness, highlights Pre Claire-Mounier-Véhier. The diagnosis of the disease is based on the joint performance of an electrocardiogram (non-systematic abnormalities), biological markers (moderately elevated troponins), echocardiography (specific signs of a swollen heart), but above all coronary angiography (often normal) and magnetic resonance imaging. cardiac (specific signs).

However, it is recommended to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, because this accident occurs in a predisposed field of chronic anxious personality,” says Pre Mounier-Véhier. For this, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, fighting, in particular, against a sedentary lifestyle. “Walking even ten minutes in the morning, at noon and at night is good for your health.” reduce screen time, as well as tobacco and alcohol consumption. To reduce stress,Cardiac coherence techniques and yoga may be beneficial.”

An increase in broken heart syndrome during the pandemic

The seekers (…)

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