When French mounts are used for science

When French mounts are used for science
A scientific project needs the participation of 100,000 French people. © Adobe stock

From September 15, all French people can donate their saddles to promote a great scientific project. How to take part? What is the purpose of this project?

The intestines of the French under the magnifying glass

A team of French researchers embarked on participatory research to make a gut microbiota mapping. Have need harvest intestinal bacteria from 100,000 French. This research project is led by:

  • Insertion,
  • the National Institute for Agrifood and Environmental Research (Inrae),
  • Paris hospitals
  • AgroParisTech

A 5 year project

The French participating in this vast study sign for 5 years. In fact, the researchers want to understand theevolution of the microbiota intestinal in case of chronic disease (such as obesity, diabetes or an allergy) or neurological (such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s).

How do you participate?

If you want to participate in this scientific adventure, you must check in on website of the project (HERE) and send periodically stool samples as in screening for colorectal cancer. These are stool donations, the participants are not unpaid.

What purpose?

The results of this scientific project can be used by other research teams to develop new medical treatments. In fact, scientists know little about the mechanisms by which microbiota bacteria gut influence sleepthe system immune or certain inflammations.

Participate on the site the french gut

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