Where does the scar on the eye of Marcel, the boss of the brothel where Marguerite (Audrey Fleurot) works, come from?

Released on September 19, the saga of events the fighters Has many talk about her on social mediagreeting from netizensas Télé-Loisirs.fr) the quality of this series in eight episodes. It must be said that in addition to the precise performance of the actresses (audrey fleurot in rebellious prostitute, Julia de Bona in dubious mother superior, Camila Lou in talented nurse Y sofia essaidi – the last recruit – in unknowing entrepreneur) and supporting roles, the series can count on a comfortable budget, which allowed teams to work with the best. And especially David Scherer, makeup artist and special effects genius, who works for both television and film…

Where does the scar on the eye of Marcel, the boss of the brothel, come from?

One of the most talked about makeup looks is undoubtedly that of Marcel, the boss of the brothel where Marguerite, alias Audrey Fleurot, works. Particularly impressive, this effect is, however, the pure fruit of the designer’s imagination! “With the special makeup we do not intend at all costs to reproduce reality but to achieve something that goes in the direction of the story.” he explains. “You have to find a balance between realism and drama. For example, the physique of the character of Marcel, played by Yannick Choirat, was not accurately described in the script. We had to find a visible disease to justify that he was not on the battlefield. Very quickly, we got the idea that he was blind in one eye by putting in a contact lens, but his scar shouldn’t be horrible. It should be noted that he had had a violent accident without completely disfiguring him because he appeared many times in the image…

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the trick of David Scherer to make the credible amputations

Due to other injuries, David Scherer had to cheat, as he explained to Télé-Loisirs.fr: “Amputees were numerous during the First World War. I asked the show’s production designer, Hervé Gallet, if he could make beds with holes in the mattress. The extras bent a leg to pass it inside. It’s almost a magician or theater thing. All that remained was to put a latex prosthesis on the knee, the bandage and a little fake blood for the illusion to be perfect. Simple and efficient!

I arrived on set with more than 200 prosthetic wounds

David Scherer also spoke again of the impressive wound in the eye of a soldier: “In this scene, the soldier picked up a splinter that shattered his eye. I applied to the actor a prosthesis that gives the impression of a real mutilation. I arrived on set with over 200 prosthetics from various injuries showing various degrees of severity. There, he went for an eye but had reserve wounds to the forehead, mouth, throat, according to different bullet wounds. When the extras, between 30 and 100, arrived on the set in the morning, they first went through dressing to put on their tattered costumes, then they were presented to us so that we could adapt the injuries.

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The amazing tip for gutting!

Another shooting anecdote told by David Scherer: that of the eviscerations! “We set it up with a very simple device: Underneath his ripped soldier outfit, the extra wears a large latex prosthetic that slips on like a T-shirt and hangs down his back. Then we brush this blood-eyed trompe l’oeil on and voila! says the set designer, “For rough pieces and when there is a lot of blood I use latex, and when more precision is needed, I choose silicone which allows for finer creations and perfectly mimics skin.”

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