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Did Microsoft hide one of its products in an ad again? This is what one might imagine when looking closely at the promotional video for the latest ASTRO A30 headset, as there is a white Xbox Series X in it.

[Mise à jour de l’article :] Before the questions of the players and the press, Microsoft confirmed in the columns of CVG that the white Xbox Series X featured in the video was not in production and was not planned at this time. So don’t expect to see this model hitting the market any time soon.

Logitech, for its part, clarified that it was simply a skin.

The white Xbox Series X console in our partner’s promotional video is not in production. We do not plan to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time.

Was the white Xbox Series X teased before the announcement?

Logitech has just announced its new ASTRO A30 wireless headset priced at €249 and compatible with Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles, as well as PC and MAC. But it is not the characteristics of the headphones that we are talking about today, but a small detail that we saw in the announcement video of this one.

As shown in the image, we see a woman wearing the famous new ASTRO A30 headset surrounded by various technological objects such as microphones, a PS5, controllers… but also a white Xbox Series X.

For now, Microsoft hasn’t announced a new color for the Xbox Series X console, and we wonder if Logitech hasn’t quietly teased a future product that Xbox would reveal in the coming weeks. The manufacturer has also approached Xbox recently with the announcement of the Logitech G Cloud, a device designed to play Xbox Game Pass games in the cloud. For now, only the Xbox Series S is available in white.

We also remember that Microsoft had hidden its new Xbox Wireless Headset in an announcement a few months before its official announcement. As usual, count on Xboxygen to keep an eye on all of this.

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