Who is hiding behind this new platform with a Russian accent to broadcast the Euroleague?

Launched this Tuesday, Skweek will broadcast more than 450 EuroLeague and EuroCup games per season for €7.99 per month. A maneuver of Fedcom, Oleg Petrov, for the company of the Russian Aleksej Fedoricsev.

A new platform to broadcast basketball in France. Your name? Skweek, a nod to the characteristic squeak of shoes on the floor. Launched this Tuesday, September 27 by the company Fedcom, the platform will broadcast the competitions acquired for 4 years in France and Monaco, that is, more than 450 Euroleague and EuroCup games per season, at a price of 7.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per month. year.

“Basketball has a lot of potential in Europe, boasts Oleg Petrov, managing director of Fedcom Media and former CEO of AS Monaco. It is the number 1 sport in the United States, number 2 in Europe even far from soccer.” The main target of this new platform is very clearly young people. Not far from sharing, the CEO of Fedcom Media thinks that “basketball is sometimes better entertainment than football, because it is more show-oriented. For some, two 45-minute halves are too long, while basketball has more highlights during a game. ” A team of five influencers has also been hired to enrich the platform and ensure its promotion.

Monetization in 3 years

The Russian company Fedcom, surprisingly specialized in the sale of fertilizers and cereals but not entirely unknown in the sports world for all that (it was a partner of AS Monaco), is giving itself time to achieve financial balance. “The first two years will be dedicated to development, specifies Oleg Petrov. Then there will be the 2024 Olympics in France. It will be a good springboard for monetization.” The goal would be to create a place where the subscriber could also purchase derivative products to significantly increase margins.

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Few hires were made directly. Only ten people work for Fedcom Media, most of the journalists and technicians are hired by service providers. Former of RMC Sport, Cyril Méjane was responsible for building the editorial team. “All meetings will be commented in French[…]

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