Who is the retreat recommended for?

After a period of calm this summer, Covid infections have started to rise again in France with the start of the school year. All the indicators (R, incidence rate, etc.) are on the rise and the eighth wave is close.

“It is essential for strengthen the vaccination effortin view of insufficient vaccination coverage, particularly that of the second booster dose in the elderly, underlined Public Health France in its last point (September 15). As of September 13, only 33.9% of people ages 60 to 79 and 47.4% of people age 80 and older among eligible people (depending on time since their last injection) had received this second dose. In addition, as the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 has intensified, it is also still necessary to apply barrier gestures to protect the most vulnerable and respect the recommended measures in case of symptoms, positive tests or risky contact.”

This is good, the High Health Authority has just validated (after the green light from the European Medicines Agency) the arrival of 3 new vaccines. Its specificity? These are bivalent vaccines that target the parent strain of coronavirus AND the Omicron variants. Remember, the BA.5 variant is still the majority in France.

When will the vaccination campaign start? The HAS maintains its recommendation to combine the booster vaccination campaign against Covid-19 with the flu vaccination campaign, which will start on October 18, 2022. (…)

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