Why effective noise control is urgent and necessary

“Let’s invest in the sound environment”, this is the slogan that guides the work of the IX National Conference on Noise that will take place on September 27 and 28, 2022 at the Sorbonne.

Noise costs. The mayors, officials, researchers, industrialists, transport managers who meet for two days at the Sorbonne have the date of 2021 in mind. The health and social effects of noise generate expenses or rather losses of 147 billion euros per year. Acting to reduce these nuisances, investing to reduce impacts will earn money if investments are placed wisely, such is the message conveyed by the organizer of the event.

Noise pollution sources Credit: Ademe/CidB

Noise pollution sources Credit: Ademe/CidB

caption Sources of acoustic pollution. Transport in general (66.5%), and mainly road transport (54.5%), are the main emitters, ahead of the neighborhood (17.9%) and the professional environment (14%). © Ademe/CidBbelow the image

To arrive at this salty addition, engineers first distinguished the various health effects caused by noise: sleep disturbances, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, mental health disorders, learning disabilities, drug use, hospitalizations, illnesses, and work accidents.

The costs of noise Credit: Ademe/Cidb

The costs of noise Credit: Ademe/Cidb

The health costs of the different impacts of noise. © Ademe/CidB

To this have been added non-health consequences such as the loss of productivity in companies and the depreciation of exposed apartments and houses. It is not directly quantifiable expenses such as hospitalization costs or drug reimbursements that represent the majority, but at 86% the years of life in good health lost by millions of people and premature mortality, health effects measured by the World Health Organization (WHO), which a. Noise is, in fact, the second environmental cause that causes more damage to health, behind air pollution. 100 million Europeans are subject to it, that is, 20% of the continent’s population.

By reducing health impacts, noise investments are highly profitable


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