Why not pay less for subscriptions to streaming sites by sharing them?

INFLATION – The French platform Spliiit, born in 2019, stands out as a good way to pay less for your subscriptions to streaming platforms by sharing them… legally

Isabelle and Julien have done their accounts. Between your subscriptions to the platforms of transmissionWhat Netflix, to online music, like Deezer, without forgetting their Dropbox, and other digital newspapers… they spend more than 60 euros a month! Much is much. Versus runaway inflationthe young couple will have to make decisions to save money.

However, there is a solution to pay less for subscriptions: share them at a split rate between co-subscribers. The practice, long a completely illegal national sport, now has a recognized platform for it: split.

“Places” to share, such as carpooling

“With Spliiiit, we have transposed the modality of carpooling to that of subscriptions”, he explains to 20 minutes, Guillaume Lochard co-founder of Spliiiit. Launched in 2019, the platform now references 157 shared services in France. “The main ones refer to SVOD, music and videogames”, says Guillaume Lochard. But Spliiiit also adds shared subscriptions around software, like Microsoft 365, or even meditation or yoga apps.

To date, Splitiit would add 540,000 subscribers and more than 108,000 active subscriptions. “This way it is possible to make 250 euros (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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