Why sick leave issued by teleconsultation will no longer be reimbursed

Attention: as of September 30 it will be more complicated for you to be prescribed sick leave through an online medical consultation. Indeed: Social Security has decided to end the reimbursement of work stoppages issued by teleconsultation by doctors unknown to the patients.

The objective: to combat social fraud and fill (at least a little) the famous “Social Security hole” since in 2021 these unemployment benefits delivered by teleconsultation cost nearly 100 million euros to Health Insurance. About 5% of health professionals and medical centers regularly commit abuse, according to health authorities.

A global fight against social fraud

Don’t panic: Even after September 30, your treating doctor will still be able to prescribe (and reimburse you for) a video work stoppage. On the other hand, it will no longer be reimbursed if it is a doctor who does not know your medical history and/or whom you have never consulted…

This fight against social fraud is one of the star measures of the Social Security Financing Law Project (PLFSS) for 2023. Health authorities have also decided to attack dental centers that overcharge and/or charge non-existent medical devices or useless. And at the same time, 26 criminal complaints were filed by the Social Security against ophthalmology centers for “fraud, (…)

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