Widowed and sick, they take away his savings

Amazement still reigns for Bernard, 79, when he thinks about what happened to him. The retiree, who currently lives in a building in Neuves-Maisons, has lost more than 200,000 euros, reveals Est Républicain. The man was looking to invest his money, so he responded to an offer to sell homes in nursing homes in Italy and Spain. This investment was supposed to provide Bernard with a regular income every month. The man is in frail health, gets around in a walker and has been a widower since 2018.

Bernard had been contacted by a man named Didier Roux who claimed to be part of the company handling the sale, but no Didier Roux is in business. “He had a phone number, an email address, apparently credible documents. I was quickly attracted by the offer that seemed serious,” explains Bernard. The pensioner, therefore, trusts his interlocutor and first buys an apartment paying a sum of 61,748 euros. Seeing that he collects the rent, he then decides to buy a second one, this time paying 51,643 euros.

His interlocutor inspires confidence in him, so Bernard decides to make a third payment for a new acquisition. The retiree pays more than the first two times and pays an additional 88,000 euros. The 79-year-old is still not suspicious, as he is cashing in on the consequences of buying from him. the scammer he had woven his net around him and did everything so that Bernard (…)

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