Will Marie-Sophie Lacarrau spend another year on TF1?

A “Nice surprise from my great team!” Posing behind a cake that we guess is chocolate in this black and white photo, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau smiles on her Instagram account… This Friday, September 23, she unofficially blew out her 47 candles in the office, three days after her real birthday. Also adding in the caption: “Finally taking the time to thank you all for all the many messages from her this week!” The journalist, in fact, had posted an article in “Parisien” some time before in which some faithful viewers of her JT expressed her discomfort after the confrontation between Canal + and TF1. In fact, since the beginning of September, all the channels of the TF1 group are no longer broadcast on the encrypted channel in mainland France, which penalizes many households addicted to the 1:00 p.m. newscast and… its presenter.

The journalist had to abruptly leave her chair

An episode of additional trouble for the journalist from Aveyron who, since her arrival at the first channel, has gone through many problems. Chosen to replace the unbeatable and unforgettable Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had initially struggled to find her place and win. Still suffering from the comparison of her to her predecessor, she was regularly teased or even attacked on social media. A stroke of fate, just a few months after taking possession of the chair, the journalist had to leave it suddenly, victim of amoebic keratitis. An “infection of the cornea by amoebas, parasites present in tap water. (…) My eye had to be readjusted to light, re-educated. First I wore sunglasses and then I began to remove them. My eye has recovered its habits with an ambient light”, he confided to the “Parisian”, last May, during his great return to the antenna, after almost three months of absence.

“I see the glass half full”

To our “Daily” colleagues, on TMC, however, he had declared to relate things: “I kind of want everything, and maybe even ask me less questions than before. I think it helped me to be more optimistic and positive, I see the glass as half full instead of half empty.” However, the ratings on his return from vacation had not lived up to the expectations of the TF1 leaders who had not hesitated to spread rumors of his departure… due to a loss of 0.3 audience points.
Today, before this cake that makes wishes, let’s bet that the journalist wants above all to consolidate her place… and face a new season full, finally, of good news!

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