William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales: symbolic first official trip, full of nostalgia

After the time of mourning, place for new obligations. The death of Isabel II meant a change in the order of succession and in the distribution of titles in the monarchy. Thus, Carlos became king, raising Prince William in 2nd position in the order of accession to the throne, followed by his three children, Jorge (9 years old), Carlota (7 years old) and Luis (4 years old). But the Duke of Cambridge also inherited another title: that of Prince of Wales, as his wife. Kate Middletonwho became Princess of Wales.

As soon as they were official Prince and Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton and Prince William made a promise: to visit the Welsh quickly after the period of mourning. These were not empty words. Kate and William went to Wales on Tuesday 27th September on an official visit, the mourning period having officially ended. An organized trip to fulfill their duties as members of the Crown but also to fill themselves with memories and nostalgia.

Upon arrival, Kate Middleton and Prince William stopped in Holyhead, where they visited a local rescue station before speaking with local business representatives at a cafe in town. Kate Middleton had opted for a sober black outfit that she had dressed with a magnificent bright red coat. A headpiece signed by LK Bennett and dubbed Spencer, a potential nod to Lady Diana. If they were obviously listening to their interlocutors, Kate and William must have been disturbed by the proximity of the present moment to their past.

Prince William and Kate Middleton lived for several years on Anglesey, just about thirty minutes from the town of Holyhead. It was there that they took up residence just after their marriage in 2011 and where they raised their eldest son, George, in the first few months of his life. Loving memories that should make you smile. At the moment, the Cambridges have been living in Adelaide Cottage, not far from Windsor, since the beginning of September. A change that dates from before the death of Isabel II and that may not last. When they were still Prince and Princess of Wales, Camilla and Charles lived in Clarence House, just opposite Buckingham Palace…

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