Worried and ultra-tired Vincent Cassel reveals run-ins with Tina Kunakey

It would not be joy at the moment for Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey whose return to school would be tense. However, his partner would not be in danger.

The relationship of the 55-year-old actor and the mother of his little horsewoman is discussed in the columns of Here magazine, which immortalized the little family walking through the streets of Paris. It was not joy.

Usually lonely during her family outings, the upper part this time shows a closed face. Vincent Cassel also seemed concerned, although he remains a caring father.
details have been given about the causes of the tensions.

“Vincent is as exhausted as ever, having a little trouble recovering from the shooting of D’Artagnan, which lasted from October to June with many comings and goings between Saint-Malo and the castles of Ile-de-France,” he said. a source close to the couple, explaining the causes of the friction It was not easy.
Y the robbery of your apartment while they were having a good time in Brazil, their second homeland, it wouldn’t have helped.

“And then this robbery, at the end of August, ended up weighing him down,” slipped an intimate. But things would probably have settled down by then.

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