Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s console is back in stock, it’s time to take advantage of it!

news good deal Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s console is back in stock, it’s time to take advantage of it!

Like the PS5, the Xbox Series X regularly shows up out of stock and is one of the most in-demand consoles out there right now. But good news: we’ve discovered an Xbox Series X restock! And if you still arrive too late, we give you several tips to find the Microsoft console.

Finally stock for Xbox Series X

Released on November 10, 2020, the xbox series x it has a similar history to the PS5 and therefore regularly sells out as well. Gone are the days when you could naively walk into a store and walk out with a next generation console. Well, it can still happen, but it’s still rare!

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Most of the time, the Xbox Series X, like its great rival, shows up out of stock. Therefore, as soon as we see replacementWe hasten to warn you and that’s a good thing because it’s currently the case!

All you have to do is click the link below to get the latest from Microsoft.

Also, unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series X retains its original price of €499. And we can say that this is an argument that counts in this raging console war.

But hey, the real asset of the Xbox Series X, in addition to its power that claims to be superior to that of the PS5, lies in the xbox game pass. This Netflix video game allows you, from €9.99 per month, to access a huge catalog of games, including recent titles such as force horizon 5. Knowing that this type of game is worth about €70, it is a real asset.

You can regularly install new games without breaking the bank. It’s also an opportunity to discover indie games, which you probably wouldn’t have tried without Xbox Game Pass. And these can sometimes turn out to be real nuggets.

Plus, thanks to big buys like Activision BlizzardThe Xbox Series X game catalog promises to grow!

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And if you’re the type to string together games, you may need some extra storage space. For these purposes, we recommend the 1TB SSD produced by SanDisk in collaboration with Microsoft.

The 1 TB Xbox Series X expansion card at € 219 on Amazon

You may have stumbled across this article too late and the Xbox Series X may be out of stock.

But don’t get too desperate and don’t walk away just yet – we have several tips to help you increase your chances of getting an Xbox Series X.

To get started, if you haven’t already, create an account on all the big e-commerce sites and ask to be notified as soon as they have Xbox Series X restocking.

These are the places where you are most likely to find an Xbox Series X:

  • Check Xbox Series X inventory on Amazon
  • Check Xbox Series X stock at Fnac
  • Check Xbox Series X stock on Cdiscount
  • Check Xbox Series X stock at Micromania
  • Check Xbox Series X stock at Leclerc

Next, fill in all your details in advance, including your bank information. So as soon as you see the stock, all you have to do is click buy and voila! The few seconds it takes to enter this information may be enough for someone else to finish the stock.

You can also keep some sites always open in your tabs and refresh them from time to time.

We will keep you informed from our side as soon as we see a replenishment.

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