You can try iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island on Android with this app

On the Play Store, you can download the dynamicSpot app that previews what the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature would look like on Android.

DynamicSpot Dynamic Island Android
Dynamic Island in Android // Source: dynamicSpot

One of the great novelties of iPhone 14 Pro Y iPhone 14 ProMax It’s called “Dynamic Island”. Apple’s two most expensive and sophisticated models swap the notch for a pill-shaped punch at the top of the screen. However, the apple did not stop there and imagined uses around said pill so that users do not think too much about it.

Thus, with Dynamic Island, iOS uses the area around the punch to display notifications and contextual information related to the applications you have installed. It’s clever and clever of Apple to transform a limitation (cutting a big hole in the screen) into a strength (providing new features). On Android, there will certainly be attempts to emulate this “dynamic island”.

Nevertheless, Offering Dynamic Island on Android won’t be easy for manufacturers. Because, to achieve the same smoothness and level of integration as in iOS, this feature would have to be implemented directly in the Android operating system to make life easier for app developers. In other words, it would be up to Google to launch the initiative instead of letting each manufacturer design a solution in their corner.

dynamicSpot: a preview of Dynamic Island on Android

In the meantime, you can already see what Dynamic Island would look like on Android by downloading DynamicSpot on Play store. This app allows you to display a black area around your smartphone swipe to show incoming notifications or some handy information (battery charge, timer, etc.). We stay away from what the iPhone 14 Pro does, but it offers a good overview of Android.

Please note that for DynamicSpot to work, in particular, you must be authorized to access accessibility services. However, Jawomo, the developer of the application, specifies that their software is not connected to the Internet and that no information about you is collected or shared.

dynamicSpot is also available in Early Access and doesn’t seem to be exploiting its full potential yet. For example, it’s supposed to be able to offer control over how your songs play, but it didn’t work with youtube music From my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Finally, note that there is a paid Pro version to unlock more features.

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