your oldest photos could be messed up

Google Photos users reported this weekend that their oldest photos uploaded to the service now have more or less significant visual alterations. A problem that, however, seems to be solved in some cases.

google photos
Google Photos may not have taken care of your oldest photos enough // Source: Frandroid

service supportThat in Reddit, dozens of testimonials from people confronted with old photos that have been partially altered or completely corrupted. The problem, which thankfully doesn’t affect all Google Photos users, seems to focus on older photos, which are about five years old or older, he notes. 9to5Google.

Affected users report, supporting photos, ugly visual artifacts in their old shots, with deep lines and cracks, but also blurry spots, white spots, and various deformations. The thing would finally be observable both in the web version of Google Photos, and in the Android and iOS applications of the platform.

A reversible problem?

According to 9to5Googlethese alterations would not only be visible in the Google Photos app or in previews, but would also play when photos are downloaded locally, both individually and with Google Takeout.

Examples of partially corrupted photos in Google Photos // Source: 9to5Google

However, the problem appears to be reversible. For some users, it would have already disappeared… just a few hours after being seen for the first time. Therefore, the solution would lie with Google, its AI and its servers, even if some of the users involved have not yet been able to observe any improvement at this stage.

So far, Google has yet to react to this seemingly recent issue of old photo corruption in Google Photos. A temporary concern, we hope, which obviously raises the question of the durability of our files stored on servers rather than physical media.

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