Youtubers Life 2: the Life-Sim dedicated to Youtube stars is full of new features with an anniversary update

game news Youtubers Life 2: the Life-Sim dedicated to Youtube stars is full of new features with an anniversary update

As its first anniversary approaches, Youtubers Life 2 is about to be filled with new things with a huge content update completely free of charge.

live your youtuber life

The concept of youtubers life 2 it is quite simple but quite specific. Life-Sim relatively faithful to the formulas offered by games like The Sims, animal crossing or even more recently Disney Valley of DreamlightYoutubers Life 2 also offers, as its name suggests, the possibility of living a real life as a YouTube influencer.

Vlogs, streams, subscriber management… Here we find a good number of tasks to be carried out directly inspired by the day to day of web stars. Cousin, you can actually meet some of them in the game, like InoxTag or PewDiePie.

After already one year of service, software from Uplay Studios and Raiser Games will soon be enriched with a wealth of content to celebrate this anniversary with dignity.

A year and a lot of content

Entitled #CityStories, this completely free update will deliver some very nice new features for budding Newtubers, starting with a new means of transport: the electric unicycle.

Also, players will have access to many new adventures with an unconventional tone and sometimes even inspired by pop the Delorean from Back to the Future coming for a ride in NewTube City. New challenges are comingwhich will also enhance your skills to become the number one star on the web.

Life-Sim obliges, customization is at the heart of the experience. In fact, this update adds a ton of decorations, but also clothing, just to shape a character that looks like you… or doesn’t look like you at all. The choice is yours. Finally, there are also some activities and minigamesto make between two videos and posts on their networks to decompress and get away for a moment from the harsh life of the YouTube Game.

The #CityStories update will arrive on October 20, less than a month from now, to celebrate the first anniversary of Youtubers Life 2. Completely free, this update will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox.

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