Zazie responds in cash to criticism for her white hair

Inspiration is always there for Zazie. Strong of already having ten studio albums under her belt, the singer-songwriter is preparing to release a new work in 2023. But before its release, the 58-year-old artist stands out first with an EP, a four mini-album by tracks included in the first single let it shine has been in the spotlight for a few days. And yesterday, Friday, September 23, the one that we will meet with great pleasure as coach in the next season of The voicetogether with Amel Bent, Vianney and Bigflo et Oli, he was invited by Yann Barthès in Daily.

On this occasion, Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes, her real name, returned with disarming frankness to criticism of her natural appearance, and in particular her gray hair. “It’s quite funny how he talks about this mecha. There is some questioning in this society of women, it is that, whether in the beautiful or in the most bizarre, the comments that have come to me have been: ‘She has gotten old, but she is still nice.Zazie defended herself, even allowing herself to remember in passing:Also, the person making this comment has also taken a photo from back in the day, every year.”

Fully taking on this hair style, Zazie then split a social comment: “And then there’s the other thing that’s even weirder, it’s ‘For a woman, she doesn’t look her age despite her white hair.’ I have the impression that we find that men who have gray hair are quite handsome children and that we do not talk about it or little, and that for a woman it is an issue … While she is not “, he lamented. And to conclude not without humor: “It is true that Covid helped me a lot to not have any more dye and to tell myself ‘I’m going to let these things grow'”..


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