Zazie’s scathing response to comments about her white hair

Criticized for her gray hair, singer Zazie insisted on standing up to naysayers who would be shocked that she simply aged.

A new album due out in 2023, a 4-track EP including the single let it shineand his return to the set of The voice in the next season of the show: Zazie is not idle. However, despite a rich musical news, it is her white hair that seems to draw the attention of curious or even malicious netizens.

This Friday, September 23, the 58-year-old artist addressed this issue together with Yann Barthès, on the program Daily. “It’s quite curious how it makes people talk, this fuse. There is something that questions this society of women, is that, whether in the beautiful or in the most bizarre, the comments that have come to me are: ‘She has gotten old, but she is still nice’. Yes, I can assure you, yes I have aged, it is normal, it is mechanical, every year, ”she launched. “Also, the person making this comment has also taken an old photo, every year.”

“For a woman, it’s a theme”

Aware of the double standards the reflection reveals and what it says about our misogynistic society, Zazie added, “And then there’s the other thing that’s even weirder, which is ‘For a woman, she doesn’t look her age despite her gray hair.’ I have the impression that we find that men with gray hair are pretty handsome guys and that we don’t talk about it or little, and that for a woman it’s an issue… Although it’s not…

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VIDEO – Zazie’s minute

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